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It'll have you questioning a few wild nights in your early twenties, or make you feel completely better about it.Hamer takes your unspoken thoughts and verbalizes them in a brilliant way.If it is his credit card, his debt, and he is calling a 900 number or service,. EXACTLY sex is about physical intamacy unless u r a narcasist, it is about like u said sweaty bodies rubbing together, the smell and not like the smell of pussy which is great, but that smell like when they are gone for a week and u miss them, so you sleep with their pillow because it smells like them, that smell.then that to me, would not be nearly as bad as if he is having phone sex with a girl he knows in real life. I would be very upset and hurt if my husband did that. (I liked the one that had naked Justin Timberlake better.) I personally think this is a crappy plot premise for a romantic comedy, because it gives some pathetic moviegoers the mistaken idea that their out-of-their-league/commitmentphobic bootycall friend might actually commit someday. The whole point of having friends with benefits is that you can have sex and companionship without the drama of a real relationship, and if the situation doesn't work out, you can cut your losses and move on without a traumatic break up.Nevertheless, I feel like our society still has a lot of baggage about casual sex, and there's a real lack of etiquette around how to fuck around in a classy way.These insights felt personal and amicable with a hint of pretentiousness that gave it a feeling of realism.

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