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Primary Prevention on Campus American College Health Association. Getting Started on Campus: Tips for New Prevention Coordinators. Recommended Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexual Assault Response and Prevention on Campus. Campus Policy Information Violence Against Women Act 2013, National Alliance to End Sexual Violence. National Institute of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics.

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When considering the overall satisfaction of visitor-serving organization (VSO) attendees, data indicate that not all aspects of the experience are created equally.

An important point to remember is that if you don’t get a chance to enter your own choices the following day after the event we at Ditch or Date can do it for you, which means that no one will miss out on their matches.employee courtesy, admission value, retail, etc.) In developing the overall satisfaction metric, IMPACTS doesn’t weight each evaluation criteria equally because the market isn’t influenced by each criterion equally.As indicated in the table below, the market determines the “weight” of individual criteria based on each criterion’s relative contribution to the visitor’s perception of overall satisfaction.The event is held in a public venue with a limited number of pre-registered individuals.There is always a host on hand for advice and support, as well as the venue staff who are aware that the event is taking place.However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t follow normal safe dating advice.