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Jenner is pictured in Hollywood last week'I feel a responsibility to life itself to share my experiences in the hope that others may find solace, inspiration, forgiveness, hope and a sense of connection in their own lives.

Before Linda Thompson tied the knot with Caitlyn Jenner in 1980, the author and songwriter had already experienced a whirlwind romance with another world famous celebrity -- Elvis Presley.

Also married to — pay attention — back before Mama Kardashian, the pre-female Bruce Jenner.

She’s writing a book about life from Elvis to Caitlyn and has a publisher.

This way we didn’t get screwed up as a result.” Did she know?

California: Celebrity restaurant is Bruce Bozzi’s newly transplanted Palm. So crowded I could barely make out Judge Judy at one table and Melissa Rivers in a banquette . To know what it’s like to live with terror.” Oscar winner “Son of Saul” distributor Sony Pictures Classics: “We see every film, documentary, workshop, screening, whatever’s made.

Bruce's story, and his struggle, is uniquely his; my experiences with Bruce are commensurately uniquely my own.

[Linda wrote poems during her time with Elvis and offered to hsave them put to music for him but he refused, thus sadly missing out on some good song contibutions.] Linda Thompson: I have been very judicious about the interviews that I have agreed to do through the years. Larry King: So, married to Bruce Jenner and now married to David Foster. In fact, I think one day I am going to marry him,' and Elvis said, 'Yeah, over my dead body.'" Four years later, in 1980, Jenner and Thompson sparked a relationship that lead to them tying the knot in 1981 and welcoming two children, Brandon and Brody Jenner. "He's one of the funniest people that I have ever met and he is charming," Thompson marvels.Linda Thompson was born May 23, 1950 in Memphis, Tennessee. Linda Thompson: Well, you know that Elvis liked them young, so I was very young. Linda won several beauty pageants, including the 1972 Miss Tennessee USA title. In July of that year she began a relationship with the recently separated Elvis Presley and immediately moved in with him at Graceland for roughly three and a half years. Linda won several beauty pageants, including the 1972 Miss Tennessee USA title. See Friends Remember Elvis Presley] In our ortiicle Friend Remead how, where and with whom Linda was with when she first saw Bruce cross the finish line at the Olympics] Larry King: Obviously do. Though Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, no longer uses her birth name and prefers female pronouns, she had not yet indicated at the time of this writing that she would like to be known by a new name or female pronouns, so this story refers to her as "Bruce" and uses male pronouns.